Israel’s history and culture

Israel is a beautiful country with a great variety of climates and landscapes packed into an area the size of New Jersey (USA). You’ll experience mountains, deserts, fertile valleys, and ancient cities. There are sites of religious significance everywhere. Be prepared for shops to close on the Sabbath and major holidays. Both Hebrew and Arabic are spoken here, so feel free to greet people with a friendly “shalom” (peace).

This is God’s “promised land.” The biblical history of Israel reaches back to the time of Abraham, when God instructed him to “Go from your country and your kindred and your father's house to the land that I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). On this tour we will learn about the archaeological evidence that supports the biblical account of Israel’s history.

What to wear

There will be lots of sightseeing, so comfortable (but modest) clothes and comfortable hiking shoes are important (shorts and t-shirts are fine). Please pack a pair of water shoes and plastic bag for wet shoes for exploring Hezekiah’s Tunnel. Israel is a relaxed country regarding dress. Casual clothing is suitable for every occasion except churches and the Western Wall. Here it is advisable to avoid sleeveless shirts or short skirts/shorts. Long, lightweight layers are advisable in these locations. Also, male visitors to the Western Wall are required to wear a yarmulke (skull cap), but these are provided for free on location.

Expect to walk up to 3 to 4 miles per day over uneven terrain, so bring clothes suited for such activity. It is generally a good idea to dress in layers as changes in elevation during our travels can result in temperature swings, sometimes within a single day.


You will be met at Tel Aviv’s international airport. From there you will be transported to your hotel where you will enjoy a welcome dinner and fellowship with other travelers. After dinner, a presentation by Gary Bates and Keaton Halley will detail what exciting things we have to look forward to over the coming days.

Local Cuisine

In Israel, you will be well-catered to by high-quality buffets for most of your meals, with a mix of local lunch spots which will be a bit on the lighter side (due to the large breakfast and dinner buffets). Some of the delicacies you will enjoy are fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, falafel, shawarma, shakshuka, and knafeh. In Israel, breakfast is the main meal, with a wide variety of fantastic foods to fuel your day of sightseeing!

In the footsteps of Jesus

“Seeing Israel for yourself really helps to put biblical stories and teachings in context. What a blessing it is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and see the evidence that supports biblical history! You will be profoundly impacted by this amazing trip!”
— Keaton Halley